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Artificial Lawn

Artificial Lawn

Type: 007 Pile height : 30mm Color: Summer green Gauge:3/8inch Density:18900 Dtex: 11000

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Where can i buy artificial grass ?

With the development of social economy, the buildings in all large cities are also building up. The buildings that are reinforced by reinforced concrete are looking at the buildings. For a long time, people simply suffer from visual fatigue and their energy is depressed. In order to relax our mood and reduce visual fatigue, best quality artificial leisure grass/lawn is more and more widely used in beautifying work occasions, beautifying plans in Hotel hotels, and in hospital scenes from artificial lawn company . The color of the best quality artificial grass is green, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, all the evergreen can bring us different visual enjoyment.

From the use of indoor leisure artificial turf, artificial turf has an advantage over natural turf. To the hotel and leisure lawn, for example, live in hotel guests to visit, travel, artificial lawn company evergreen, can let the guest in the US after a day of fatigue in the future, arrived in a relaxed situation in the vision, and in the two seasons of autumn and winter dry grass cannot do this point. In the high-end hotel, indoor golf is essential entertainment stadium of natural lawn golf course on the soil and water are very high and begged, shoes have hurt turf perhaps, guest is necessary to wear special golf shoes to field. While the artificial turf has superior wear resistance function, without any shoes on appeal, the use of long life, there is no need to doubt with the protection of soil, water and tangled, its excellent motion function, can let the guests to play golf, not by any situation bound. As can be seen from the above points, it is suitable for the artificial lawn artificial lawn to be laid in the room.

It is also of great interest to lay the leisure artificial lawn in the outdoor house. When your neighbors in the hot sun, insect grass. Fat when you can lay in his own house carefree and content in the sun. When your pet dog is rolling on the grass, you don't have to worry about it getting into the house with a muddy mud. In the rain time, artificial turf house will not have holes in the small pool. And the protection of the best quality artificial grass is less than 10% of the natural lawn, which can save you a lot of money.