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Best Artificial Grass for Lawns

Best Artificial Grass for Lawns

Pile height:30mm Gauge:3/8inch Density:38000

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Most of the buy synthetic turf fiber materials used in synthetic turf are high-grade nylon material, and also have multiple fiber. Instead of sand filling, buy synthetic turf can be divided into two kinds: water seepage and non seepage. This kind of lawn is shaped like a natural lawn, partly with a layer of shock absorbing foam cushion, and the shock absorbing layer has a variety of different density and thickness. Due to the fact that there are not many factories that actually master artificial lawn suppliers laying technology in China, and most of them are foreign technologies, especially when laying artificial lawn suppliers without sand filling, especially laying cushion for absorbing foam, foreign experts must finish it. Under the shock absorbing foam, we should lay a smooth layer of bitumen as the foundation, and then lay the gravel, sand and pebble as the foundation, and the drainage system is the key link. In addition, this type of best artificial grass for lawns in the installation process must use special mechanical artificial lawn suppliers , especially in some professional sports venues or the high cost of laying installation is particularly important, otherwise the field leveling and uniformity requirements will not be reached, such as hockey training venue for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing City Sports Technical College hockey field and part in order to meet the special needs of movable pieces of best artificial grass for lawns, best artificial grass for lawns and other venues must be in strict accordance with the above requirements for construction. Green lawn provides high quality lawn for you to choose and look forward to your visit.