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Synthetic Grass Landscape For Garden Decoration

Synthetic Grass Landscape For Garden Decoration

Pile height : 40/45mm Gauge:3/8inch Density:16800

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It is quite common to use best quality synthetic grass in garden parts as a combination of landscaping. It can play a good role in building, terrain, roads and shrubs.

1. Best quality synthetic grass and terrain:

When the best quality synthetic grass pavement and terrain with the use of time, integrated terrain and artificial turf will, artificial turf carpet can be terrain beauty out of contrast, is often used in the small garden, garden, park, residential and other scenic areas, especially after the transformation of micro terrain, prompting tiny changes in the surface will be more tidy, can better will be the artificial turf carpet to the visual display, but if the terrain is relatively large, and the open and flat with artificial turf carpet, can be better reflected the complex terrain.

Two. The price of artificial grass and building:

The building in the whole design, whether it is the utilization rate or position is very important, because the grass is relatively low, with the corresponding empty, can reflect the architectural design features contrast utilization, combined with the plasticity of the price of artificial grass, the building in the hard line on the design of the softening. The landscape of rich artistic composition, if you want to make the body more beneficial in terms of health requirements of landscape environment, surrounding environment and construction must be coordinated with artificial turf to Ping quickly, so the effect is more obvious, is often used in the regulation of architecture and environment.