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2018 Football Sports Baseball Field Artificial Grass Cost Per Square Foot

2018 Football Sports Baseball Field Artificial Grass Cost Per Square Foot

Pile height:40mm ~60mm Gauge:5/8inch Density : 10080

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Since the completion of the * block artificial grass cost per square foot stadium on 1964, after thirty years of development, currently the world's small and medium sized artificial grass cost per square foot field up to tens of thousands. As the technology innovation, since 70s, many foreign * appeared "filled with sand type multipurpose artificial grass cost per square foot playing with durable and high permeability. All-weather, long service life, beautiful appearance, low cost etc. for sports and entertainment schools around the world and has been widely used, the International Tennis Federation, FIFA, International Hockey Association recognized. Artificial turf with synthetic fiber as raw material, is to add * like nylon, polypropylene filament textile and dye after the amount of ultraviolet absorbent and putting it on the resin base material.

Fake grass company's synthetic artificial grass is an all-weather site and is completely unaffected by extreme weather such as rain, snow, high and cold, high temperature, plateau and so on.

The fake grass company's synthetic artificial grass has good water permeability. It can be drained 20 minutes after heavy rain.

The artificial SOD uses high quality UV resistant and comfortable fiber. It does not contain any heavy metals, and has the concept of environmental protection.

Artificial sod is durable, wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

Fake grass company's synthetic artificial grassis not required for the foundation. It can be constructed on asphalt, cement and hard sand and has a short period.

In these more and more obvious advantages, artificial sod has gradually received people's favor. Say goodbye to the muddy gray soil. Farewell to the bare cement ground. Green monofilament lawn with the Green model G009. A white lawn is lined with a line. Throw the sign of "forbid the tread of the lawn" to the side. Sprinkle youth on the playground