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Home Garden Use Synthetic Artificial Grass

Home Garden Use Synthetic Artificial Grass

Pile height: 50~60mm Gauge:5/8inch Density: 10080

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Compared with natural lawn, synthetic artificial grass needs relatively little manual maintenance, which can adapt to frequent sports competitions, and do not need irrigation and mowing. It is much cheaper.

In the 80s of last century, the synthetic artificial grass was suddenly popular in major football clubs. But because of the bad effect, the reputation of the synthetic artificial grass is getting worse. It is banned by FIFA, and the big clubs are reusing the real turf.

In recent years, new generation of artificial lawns have appeared, and the "artificial goods" are expected to return to the court. The new artificial grass cost per square foot uses quartz sand and rubber, and the natural lawn is soft, and even safer in cold environments. Nowadays, many clubs have begun to adopt this kind of artificial grass cost per square foot. FIFA also allows a number of stadiums to lay the lawn. In the 2007 European Cup, the artificial grass cost per square foot was used for the first time, but UEFA still stipulated that the final must be carried out on the natural lawn. Only when the climate condition had great influence on the natural lawn could it be replaced by artificial lawn.

In the scientific community, fake grass company's new artificial lawns have caused a lot of positive and negative studies. Previous studies have shown that injuries such as ankle sprain and anterior cruciate ligament tear did not increase during training or competition on fake grass company's artificial lawns, but it may increase the chronic pain of athletes, especially adolescents. However, a recent study from Japan found that young players trained mainly in fake grass company's artificial lawn football field, no matter acute injury or chronic pain, did not increase. The "increase of chronic diseases" is mainly due to the use of artificial turf in any season and climate, and the training time of the athletes is prolonged.

And some studies have found that the hardness of the artificial lawn increases the chances of a head injury when the athlete hits the ground. But other studies suggest that the third generation of artificial turf is more "soft", and rubber filling can reduce the impact of the head. According to the research of Cardiff University, whether the head of the players will get hurt is more determined by the quality of the natural grassland. The good natural lawn is safer than the artificial lawn, but if the natural lawn is not maintained well, the artificial lawn will take the lead.