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Artificial Turf Cost

Artificial Turf Cost

S129 Pile height: 45/50mm Gauge:5/8inch Density: 10080 Dtex: 13000

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1, Artificial turf in sand free football field

In the United States, the material of artificial turf used in most football field lawns is PA material. It also uses multi-element fiber instead of sand. The artificial turf of football field can also be divided into two kinds: water seepage and non seepage. The lawn in the shape like natural grass, some with a layer of shock absorption foam cushion layer, shock absorbing layer has a variety of different density and thickness. Due to the fact that there are not many factories that actually grasp the laying skills of artificial lawn in the football field in China, and most of them are foreign skills, it is necessary for foreign experts to finish the laying of shock absorbing foam cushions. Under the shock absorbing foam, we need to lay a layer of lubricated asphalt as the base. Under the asphalt, we should lay gravel, sand and pebble as the foundation, and the drainage system is the key link. The other, artificial turf cost fields of this type in the device in the process of artificial grass must use special machinery, especially laying device in the professional or expensive sports especially mainly, or will be unable to reach place flat and uniformity request.

2, Artificial turf filled with pellet football field

Filled with grain artificial turf cost has been accepted by vast users in China because of its excellent sports function and good practicability. The materials are polyethylene polypropylene (PE) or (PP) above two kinds of polymer materials, the lawn fiber filled with sand than artificial turf, the appearance of 2 - 3 mm inferior filling quartz sand and rubber particles. It is very close to the natural lawn and can be used all the year round and all day. The general artificial turf for sale after laying demand protection to use 6 - 8 months to reach a better state. This type of artificial turf for sale particularly suitable for laying in the outdoor, the warranty period is generally 5-8 years, but its practical life can exceed 5 years. In a long and dry climate, sprinkling a little water on the artificial turf can reduce the risk of being bruised.

3, Natural - artificial mixed turf cost

It is no longer a desire to integrate natural lawn and football field lawns. Now there is such a mixed lawn. Where to buy artificial grass .The grass of this lawn is natural. It uses plastics to reinforce the root structure of the grass, for example, let the grass grow on the net bottom made of plastic. In this way, the natural lawn is combined with the user's friendly character and the super durability of the artificial lawn of the football field.

Where to buy artificial grass accounted for 95% of particles filled in the domestic, but many of the campus in the choice of goods when usually easy to ignore the main construction process, construction skills of artificial grass and artificial grass in the latter part of the maintenance and use of life is very important progress.

First, we must prepare for skills, make "three links and one level" and understand the blueprint first, check the quality of foundation construction, lay the floor clean, the appearance should be dry, lubricate, no debris, no stains and grease, and low construction temperature should be kept above 10 C. The use of theodolite or other instruments to measure the surrounding equipment is not the size of the motion field, if the inappropriate place should be corrected immediately, allowing error of 5 millimeters.

Secondly, we should inspect the quality of the turf together with the artificial grass production unit before the laying of artificial grass, and check whether the data quality, density and weaving process of the turf are qualified, so as to satisfy the application request. A standard place connection point can not exceed 30, and together, check the quality of the filler to reach the environmental protection request. In the laying process, to use special tools for lawn trimming, seam according to specifications, the lapped lawn cut flush. The joint should be connected with the special glue of the artificial grass sports place, and the joint should not be more than 2 millimeters. When bonding temperature not too low, the environmental temperature should be selected within 10 DEG C construction is appropriate; the other is in the rain or rainy climate under construction, otherwise the time is too long and even lead to non stick adhesive.

The filling of quartz sand and rubber particles is a major step in the construction process. Only when the data of the lawn surface data is finished, can the quartz sand and rubber particles be filled after viewing the flat and solid matching request. The specifications and quantities of the filling are determined according to the height and density of the grass. What we need to pay attention to is that it is necessary to fill the granules with special sand injection machine and brush grass equipment to ensure the evenness and evenness of the place, which is conducive to the movement function of the progressive place. And quartz sand and rubber particles are necessary to be completely boring data to be constructed, otherwise the stem will be overwhelmed and affect the filling quality. The quartz sand should be filled with multi-layer filling, and each filling layer needs to be brushed back and forth with the brush to fill the filling. Generally, a place to brush and brush more than twenty times is a good place.