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Fake Lawn Artificial Turf Carpet For Home Garden Decoration

Fake Lawn Artificial Turf Carpet For Home Garden Decoration

Pile height: 35mm Gauge:3/8inch Density: 16800

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What quality problems will be caused by the improper selection of raw materials and the improper production process of artificial turf carpet? 

* first artificial turf color is not uniform, the color will appear more serious, if the artificial turf carpet is different in color after processing, laying in the same venue would be serious color, so that the same number of yarn thickness and the color words, but it is still relatively difficult, if the technology is not up to the requirements of the principle of yarn drawing equipment after production more prone to color.

The sunlight or artificial turf carpet breaks off it, basically because of the wear-resisting performance and bottom lining strength do not meet the requirements, so the bottom lining and wear is an important step in consideration of the price of artificial grass quality; but the emergence of the phenomenon of the price of artificial grass and wire may also be due to the back of the frictioning Technology is not mature enough, such as the emergence of frictioning not even, or wear resistance comparison of low grass.

The brightness of the artificial turf grass is not enough, and more prone to static friction, the artificial turf brightness and anti-static properties, are the key problems for its quality, because it will be directly related to the effect of the movement and abrasions frequency, actually the main evaluation criteria of artificial turf and other products are basically the same, the focus is to observe the bottom lining and grass and other raw materials selection.