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High Density Garden Use Landscaping Artificial Turf Grass

High Density Garden Use Landscaping Artificial Turf Grass

Pile height:40mm Gauge:3/8inch Density:18900

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People who specializes in synthetic grass supplier's artificial turf grass prices production usually provide various products for users, some of them have the same material quality, and the difference is their grass length and shape. There are different types of artificial turf grass prices with different shapes of grass and hairs.

If a distinction is made from the angle of length, the grass hair of the synthetic grass supplier's artificial turf grass prices can be divided into three species of hairy grass, medium hairy grass and short hairy grass. Grass hair length in 32 to 50 mm above is called the long grass, the best price artificial grass generally used in football, training and racing venues; and the gross straw wool length from 19 to 32 mm, the international venues surface can be used as tennis, hockey and lawn bowls; short grass grass hair length is only 6 to 12 mm, suitable for tennis, basketball, swimming pool or beautify the environment.

Except in accordance with the length of distinction, synthetic grass supplier's best price artificial grass grass hair also exhibit different shapes, such as a straight hair grass, which is more common in your best price artificial grass, the price is low, in tennis, basketball and running athletes fell and scraped the chance is not too much of the environment for sports.

The other is koji grass best price artificial grass. Because the grass hairs are curved and folded together, athletes wear little on grass hairs, and they are mostly used in football field. There is a roll of grass, grass type hair as a circle, each folded more closely, especially for lawn bowls or ball rolling on the turf grass when not for laying and forming direction, influence the ball's walking routes and other demanding sports.

Because synthetic grass supplier has many kinds and various specifications, there is more and more space for application. Balcony, garden, roof, kindergarten, school, courtyard, playground, exhibition, carpet and so on can be decorated with it.