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Garden Indoor Artificial Turf Residential Putting Greens Grass Plastic Floor Mats L101

Description: Artificial landscape grass model L101, with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height, density, backing and Dtex are all as customer order. Product A dvantages Artificial turf grass / artificial...

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Product Details


Artificial landscape grass model L101, with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height, density, backing and Dtex are all as customer order.





Pile height:






Yarn Type:


Yarn Material:


Stitches rate:

16 stitches/10 CM




PP + none woven cloth


Product Advantages

Artificial turf grass / artificial turf / simulation scope: leisure courtyard, green, Roof garden, villa landscaping, kindergartens, hospitals, swimming pool, boat deck, workplace, private residence, Gaestgiveriet Hotel decoration laying, activity center, community, resorts, clubs, balcony roof decoration, soccer fields, tennis courts, door basketball stadium Campus summed up all kinds of sports venues.


Description:  Many different kinds  backing,  PP, PP+Nonewoven,  PP+ net,  net, PP+Nonewoven+net.

Why Buy It?

1. Good performance. Artificial grass has excellent elasticity and true grass feeling. It has a natural feeling on the natural lawn. Especially, the strength and tolerance of artificial grass are incomparable to natural lawn. Products can be used all day long, no fading, no deformation, durable, long-term new.

2, protect sports health, artificial grass using non-toxic polymer materials manufacturing, bacteria, fungi, viruses can not parasitic. The laying of artificial grass isolates the body from direct contact with the soil surface, preventing soil from polluting the human body. The artificial grass looks smooth and soft, and the athletes can feel the safety and comfort of the natural grassland movement.

3, suitable for a variety of artificial grass breathable, permeable, easy to lay on cement or asphalt concrete foundation, the foundation requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking.

4, maintenance simple artificial grass without replanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, weeding, pest prevention and other maintenance work, simply rinse to remove dirt, every year can save a lot of water and maintenance cost, simple daily maintenance.

Installation Pictures





Description:  From now on, we have CE certification, ISO9001, ISO14000, SGS and VOA.

Packing Ways:



You could choose many different packing ways, in rolls by PP bag,in pieces by woden case, in small rolls by films,etcs.


Loading Quantity 

20 GP

about  2200-2500 sqm                        

40 GP

about 4500-4600 sqm

40 HQ

about 4600-5000 sqm

Installing Astro Grass onto Concrete or Permanent Base

1. First of all assess how much artificial landscape grass you will need. Note: We manufacture rolls in 2 widths: 2 metres(6 feet 6 inches) or 4 metres (13 feet 1 inch) .

2. Make sure that the surface to be covered is clean and smooth ready to receive the artificial landscape grass.A self levelling compound available from any DIY store can remove surface imperfections that may show through to the top surface especially on thinner pile height products.

3.Lay the artificial landscape grass to trim off to make that perfect edge in doorways or up a wall. Leave for around 2 to 3 hours to settle. This helps stop any wrinkling or creasing.

4.Cut and trim your artificial landscape grass, using a sharp Stanley knife making sure are no gaps between walls and artificial landscape grass.

5.Make the joins using the correct type of seaming tape and glue-only quality outdoor tape and glue should be used. 

6. Apply the infill if required. Typically a sand mix will be used .Rake and spread the infill evenly, taking care not to over fill the surface.

Note: Application of sand is best on a dry day.Remember that the infill will eventually compact so you should consider adding a final layer when settled.

7. If installing on to a wooden surface such as decking or suspended floors a combination of adhesive and artificial landscape grass tacks can be used. ecking or suspended floors a combination of adhesive and sport artificial grass for tennis,croquet can be used.


Q:How to pay?

1.Tell us the exact dimension and quantity you order.We make quotation for you.

2.If everything is OK,we make a PI for you. Then please pay the 30% of the total amount to our account.

3.After we receive the 30% payment, we will produce the goods for you.

4.Once we finish the products ,we will send you the photos to check and confirm.

5.If everything is ok, we will send out cargo and give you a B/L copy.

6.After we receive the balance amount, we will send B/L to you, you can pick up your cargo.

Q: I pay money to you, is it safe?


Q: What is DTEX?

A: weight of fabrics per each ten thousand meters

Q: Does artificial grass have a limited life?

A: It has long life lasting 8-10 years. Artificial grass is a synthetic product exposed to outside. With anti-UV function the grass guarantees users up to 8 and 10 years life span. The development of manufacturing fibers of artificial grass is taking giant steps forward, thus offering greater resistance to wear and the flattening of yarns. So it is important to choose high quality artificial grass when purchasing.

Q: Does water drain througth the artificial grass ?

A: Yes. In fact, the grass have specially designed drainage holes placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.