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Artificial Fake Grass Turf for Garden

Artificial Fake Grass Turf for Garden

Description: Decorative artificial grass model G007 , three colors with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE . The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height , density , backing and Dtex are all as customer order. Description: Pet mat artificial grass...

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Decorative artificial grass model G007 , three colors with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE . The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height , density , backing and Dtex are all as customer order.


pet mat, pet toilet, pet grass SPECIFICATION


Pet mat


dark green 

Pile height:



3/8 inch



Yarn Type:


Yarn Material:


Stitches rate:

14 stitches/10 CM




PP +  net + white Latex

Grey scale:



2.0 KGS/sqm

Reaction to fire classification:




Tractive ability:






Pet mat  artificial grass model G007, threecolors with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height,density, backing and Dtex are all as customer order.


Description:  Many different kinds backing, PP, PP+Nonewoven,  PP+ net, net, PP+Nonewoven+net.




High duribility and elastisity, clean, soft, you could touch my your hand,walk on it and also sleeping on it. Far away from the noisy work city, enjoying yourself in the nature enviroment.

From now on, we have CE certification,ISO9001,ISO14000, SGS and VOA.


You could choose many different packing ways, in rolls by PP bag,in pieces by woden case, in small rolls by films,etcs

Loading Quantity

20 GP

about 2200-2500 sqm                        

40 GP

about 4500-4600sqm

40 HQ        

about 4600-5000sqm

Installing Decoractive Artificial Grass onto Concrete or Permanent Base

1. First of all assess how much pet mat  you will need.  Note: We manufacture rolls in 2 widths: 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches) or 4 metres (13 feet 1 inch) .

2. Make sure that the surface to be covered is clean and smooth ready to receive the pet mat .A self levelling compound available from any DIY store can remove surface imperfections that     may show through to the top surface especially on thinner pile height products. 

3. Lay the  pet mat  to trim off to make that perfect edge  in doorways or up a wall. Leave for around 2 to 3 hours to settle. This helps stop any wrinkling or creasing. 

4. Cut and trim your pet mat , using a sharp Stanley knife making sure are no gaps between walls 

and pet mat . 

5. Make the joins using the correct type of seaming tape and glue - only quality outdoor tape and glue should be used. 

6. Apply the infill if required. Typically a sand mix will be used . Rake and spread the infill evenly,  taking care not to over fill the surface. Note: Application of sand is best on a dry day. Remember that the infill 

will eventually compact so you should consider adding a final layer when settled. 

7. If installing on to a wooden surface such as decking or suspended floors a combination of 

adhesive and pet mat  tacks can be used.

Construction Flow




1,Where is your factory and office?

Factory Add.: QiBei Road,YuQi Town,WuXi City,China

Head Office:Rm.1001-1004,No18,LianDong U-valley,FengBin Road,BeiTang Dist.WuXi City,JiangSu Pro,China

2,How many square meters can be loaded in one 20GP and 40GP  and MOQ?

Different type and specifications of synthetic grass for futsal,the volumn is not the same,usually for 50mm football grass,about 4000sqms can be loaded in one 20GP,

about 7000sqms can be loaded in one 40GP.The MOQ is 100SQM

3,Can we visit your factory at any time?

Yes,of course,but please contact with us first before visiting.we can show you our factory in advance.

4,How many kinds of artificial grass can you provide?

We can provide synthetic grass for futsal ,landscaping projects of school and commercial use,

artifical grass for gateball,basketball,badminton,hockey,gold puttting fields and other multi-function playgrounds.

5,How many years warranty I can get ?

Normally for landscaping grass 8 years warranty ,we will take care of any problems during the warranty . We accept one month return if there is any quality problems .

6,Is it difficult to install artificial grass?

Is quite easy, we can provide you with full set accessories and professional artificial grass and service

Product Advantages

1, in addition to a variety of excellent artificial turf has the function of natural turf, more wear-resisting, artificial turf track can be used under 5mm spikes.

2, artificial turf is a new generation of sports ground materials, widely used in the United States outside the country, now flourished throughout the country, the use of broad.

3, artificial turf suitable for golf courses, sports field, induction football field, field hockey, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, courtyard, kindergarten, performances, etc..

4, artificial turf color, can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings, is a leisure garden, Roof garden, private swimming etc. the best selection of elegant occasions.

5, artificial turf is all-weather weather, not affected by rain and snow climate, can be in alpine, high temperature, plateau and other polar climatic areas.

6, artificial turf durable, maintenance is convenient, the foundation request is not high, can be in the green, cement and hard sand, and Zhou based short, it is especially suitable for long practice time, the use of high-density school occasions.

7, artificial turf adopts the principle of bionics, sports activities, foot feeling, ball rebound speed and natural grass very near the water permeability and has outstanding, heavy rain 20 minutes to clean water.