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Super Quality Natural and Beautiful Looking Environmental Artificial Green Lawn and Turf for Children/kindgarten

Description: outdoor play landscaping artificial turf model Rainbow runway,with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height , density , backing and Dtex are all as customer order. Product A dvantages Requires no...

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outdoor play landscaping artificial turf model Rainbow runway,with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven. The pile height , density , backing and Dtex are all as customer order.

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Rainbow runway

Pile height:






Yarn Type:


Yarn Material:


Stitches rate:

14 stitches/10 CM






Product Advantages

Requires no water Fresh cut appearance Never needs chemicals or fertilizer Never needs mowing or insecticides Can be cleaned with high pressure hose or blooming

Why Buy It?

Putting Green is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. However, it is now being used on residential lawns and commercial applications as well. The main reason is maintenance —artificial turf stands up to heavy use, such as in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming. Domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums may require artificial turf because of the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to stay healthy. Artificial turf is easy to install and has low maintenance cost, all weather use.

Installation Pictures


DSCN0203(001).jpg复件 DSCN0206(001).jpg



Description:  From now on, we have CE certification, ISO9001, ISO14000, SGS and VOA.

Packing Ways:



You could choose many different packing ways, in rolls by PP bag,in pieces by woden case, in small rolls by films,etcs.


Loading Quantity 

20 GP

about  2200-2500 sqm                        

40 GP

about 4500-4600 sqm

40 HQ

about 4600-5000 sqm

Installing sport artificial grass for garden,croquet onto Concrete or Permanent Base

·Prepare and test the base ground:

Inspect the foundation to ensure it has a flat and smooth surface and appropriate slopes, making sure the foundation is qualified for installing artificial grass mini soccer artificial football grass price.

·Measuring line:

Locate the centers of the ground and the two semicircles, and according to these three centers locate the intersecting point of half-way lines and touchlines, and then determine the positions of functional lines and spot by using Pythagorean proposition.

·Prepare turf roll:

According to drawing, position the turf rolls on the exact places along the touchline.

·Cutting the edge:

Cut white turf piece into strips(width to be as per actual need) for white functional lines(half-way lines, base lines etc.), and put them aside preparing for installation.

·Cutting white line:

Measure and re-position the white line on the turf that has been all well joined on the ground. Cut the turf out and place the seam tape beneath the cuts.

·Infill rubber granules:

After sand infilling, Place the rubber granules piles on the lawn on different spots evenly at a distance of 4m from each other, then spread them evenly on the lawn(the quantity of sand depends on the pile height of the turf). Afterwards, use the combing machine to sweep the sand into the fibers and to comb up the fibers. Do this process once longitudinally and transversely.


To brush the grass in the vertical and horizontal one time by the grass-brushing machine

·Check and Acceptance:

Inspect the entire finished lawn as per concerned standards and requirement. If any defects found, correct it.

·Acceptance: cooperate to check and accept


1,Where is your factory and office?

Our factory is in the Yu Qi industrial area of Wuxi city which is the resource of artificial grass material .

Our office is located in Beitang district of Wuxi city which is quite near to the Wuxi railway station.

2,How many square meters can be loaded in one 20GP and 40GP?

Different type and specifications of cricket mats ,the volumn is not the same,usually for 50mm football grass,about 3000sqms can be loaded in one 20GP,about 6000sqms can be loaded in one 40GP.

3,Can we visit your factory at any time?

Yes,of course,but please contact with us first before visiting,as factory should confirm the guest with sales.

4,How many kinds of sport artificial grass turf  can you provide?

We can provide cricket mats ,landscaping projects of school and commercial use,

artifical grass for gateball,basketball,badminton,hockey,gold puttting fields and other multi-function playgrounds.

5,How do you persuade us to buy sport artificial grass turf from you?

Our brand"GREEN LAWN" has been very popular in china,we enlarge our market by our honest.

There are many artificial grass suppliers in china,but we pay more attention on our product quality and service.

6,Except cricket mat artificial grass,what else can you provide at the same time?

As we are also installer,except cricket mats ,rubber granules,joint seaming tape and white marking line can also be provided together.

Sand is forbidden to export.

Besides,as long as you tell us the football field size,we can tell the quantity of all things you need for the project.