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Anti-wear and Durable Artificial Fake Grass Sports Turf Carpet Grass for Croquet M102 and M107

Description: decorative artificitial grass model M102/M107, bi colors with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven.The pile height, density, backing and Dtex are all as customer order. Product A dvantages 1. Artificial turf...

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Decorative artificitial grass  model M102/M107, bi colors with CE certification, monofilament grass yarn type and yarn material is PE. The backing material is PP+None woven.The pile height, density, backing and Dtex are all as customer order.




Pile height:






Yarn Type:


Yarn Material:


Stitches rate:

 32stitches/10 CM





Product Advantages

1. Artificial turf mall field breathable and permeable, not afraid of cracking, no blistering layer of worry, both simple and economical.

2. Artificial turf croquet field maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove dirt, but also does not fade, no deformation characteristics.

3. Artificial turf croquet field use high, that is, to reduce noise, no noise, safe non-toxic, flexible, good flame retardant properties.

4. Artificial turf croquet field to participate in athletes feet comfortable, reduce fatigue, to add to the fun.

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Why buy it?

1. Service policy —— Our company has a professional design and construction management personnel, established a perfect quality management system and environmental management system

2. Service tenet —— All-around, high quality, high efficiency.

3. Service supervision ——The whole process will be carried out by the service supervisor to ensure the quality of the implementation of the project service, realize the double management of the project and supervision, and ensure the effective implementation of the services, so as to improve the after-sales service and quality of the project.

4. Department collaboration —— Service implementation to customer demand based, departments in accordance with the needs of the completion of the work. The full realization of internal and external information communication, to ensure that all information service in the implementation process can promptly and effectively transfer between internal and customer and company, improve the efficiency of solving the problem, improve service satisfaction.

5. Customer visits —— the company as a good cooperative relationship between the establishment and the customer, improve mutual communication and exchange, collect customer information, establish a complete customer archives information, and gradually formed a complete set of customer information platform. According to the types of customers, making the corresponding way to visit, telephone visit mode, to fully understand customer service engineering opinions and suggestions, and on this basis, we gradually improve the engineering quality and service level.

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