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Analysis of Green Lawn NON-INFILL soccer grass

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Analysis of Green Lawn NON-INFILL soccer grass


Greenlawn  Non-infill football grass use high wear-resistant materials from world famous raw material supplier and cooperate together on R&D. With excellent quality, the flexibility, abrasion resistance and weatherability are excels than others and environmental friendly; specialized purchased advanced yarn equipment, notch smoothing, yarn perform perfectly; independent research and development of yarn patent technology Air-DressingTM, using the mixed straight and curved yarn, hight Dtex, good wear resistance.


2, back cloth

The Green lawn (synthetic grass supplier)  Non-infill football grass system uses composite woven as back cloth, compared to the conventional during tufting by the yarn woven together by adhesive fixing, the firmness is much higher, which can effectively prevent the lawn fluctuation and edge warp, its cost RMB1.3/M2 higher than conventional cloth.


3, Backing glue

Greenlawn Non-infill football grass system use the same 100% environmental glue, meets all current domestic testing standards, and self-developed patented technology Eco-lockingTM back gluing, to improve and enhance the higher strength, with stronger, better weather resistant PU+. it is important to note that Non-infill football grass must use PU to achieve the perfect performance with best price artificial grass


4, Installation accessories

In the selection of accessories must abandon the convention, and the use Greenlawn non-infill special joint tape and two-component glue, not only better adhesion, fastness after curing even higher than the lawn not cutting, the service life and the pulling force can increase by 30%.


5, Shock pad

High density shock pad with artificial turf is the integrity of the Greenlawn non-infill football system, because the rubber particles were not filled by artificial grass, and itself provides cushioning and flexibility is not enough. So, have to use shock pad to provide better protection performance and sport experience for users.(artificial turf grass prices


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