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Artificial grass

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Artificial grass

The market for the sale of buy synthetic lawn  is still growing. Both in the sports field and the private, in fact, the realization of an artificial lawn has numerous advantages.


Understood as a viable alternative to natural turf of a private garden, a hard-reset and periodic cleaning, mowing, watering and fertilizing of green spaces, giving a compact and complete coverage that captivate your eyes remembering the impeccable gardens in lawn.


Finally, a way to enjoy the garden in peace and quiet, eliminating those unsightly bare areas that regularly form the natural lawn following the placement of vessels or to the incessant strokes of children. Ideal for a first home, is a valid alternative also to give eternal luxuriance of the garden of the house to the sea. At the end of the holiday you are free to close the door and open it again the following season, your garden will keep the same even color and the same compactness of the first day of installation.


Even in sports synthetic turf  supplier)has become increasingly marked and several playgrounds has already replaced the natural grass. In the world of football is the most required because, in addition to minimize maintenance costs, allowing the smooth running of games, tournaments and football matches with any kind of weather. Even in the clay court is leaving gradually up to the synthetic grass.


The latter in fact, unlike the first, not dirty, it must not be periodically retorted and can be used in every season. Game plan also ideal for field hockey matches, thanks to the precision that gives the shooting, is the most chosen option also from the world of rugby in which the constant field conditions allow players to improve the game dynamics.


As for the choice of artificial turf  price per square foot that best meets the individual needs, finally, the staff of the Global Service will be happy to guide you to the choice, by offering for sale the synthetic grass that best meets your needs. In general we can say that the decorative grass is recommended for private green spaces, while the sports fields, the choice could fall on the lawn multifunction 4 play on the grass or multisport.


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