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Artificial grass 's Characteristics

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1. With soft and comfortable feeling and natural color of real grass;

2. All the products(green basketball,outdoor grass carpet,artificial grass flooring ect) have been through strict production process, ensuring outdoor use for more than

    5 years;

3. Great weather adaptability, uv-cut and anti colorfading, surviving weather like raining, fog, etc;

4. No need for fertilizing and trimming, all of which make the maintenance cost less than 5% of real


5. Could be recycled (outdoor artificial grass ), piled up and burned like most waste materials;

6. Could be used for indoor and outdoor (artificial grass,basketball green,outdoor artificial grass carpet ect), on rooftop , on both sides of streets, in swimming pool, in

    recreational facilities, and in pet zone;

7. Requiring only special glue for installation (basketball green,outdoor grass carpet,artificial grass flooring ect), having no special requirements for the base, and could

    be laid on top of cement, asphalt, wooden floor, metal surface, etc.

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