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Artificial turf in different ways and classification introduction

- Aug 22, 2017 -

In fact, artificial turf belongs to the ground system, because the composition of artificial turf is different, so we can be based on the composition of the part of its classification, can be divided into: natural artificial turf, sand and artificial sand and filled particles Artificial turf and so on. If the classification according to the material, then the main can be divided into: polypropylene artificial turf, polyethylene artificial turf and nylon artificial turf three kinds, because the use of materials are different, then the artificial turf in the price will be different, So seriously identify the quality of artificial turf in order to effectively select the quality of the lawn.


In fact, the artificial lawn is not sand in the whole domestic market is still relatively rare, because the lawn of the manufacture and production of technology, need to be introduced from abroad, and the real master of such technology is relatively rare, because Not the sand of the artificial turf is basically the choice of nylon material, and this material is more expensive in the cost, so in the domestic market, many customers are reluctant to choose.

China has achieved the artificial turf and natural lawn together with the technology, because the raw materials of these lawns are basically natural, mainly the use of plastic grass will be the root of the fixed, you can lay the grass in the plastic mesh to do the bottom On the growth, the use of this way can make the natural lawn more solid.

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