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Artificial turf in two aspects of landscape application

- Aug 22, 2017 -

It is more common to use artificial lawns in garden parts as a background, and for buildings, terrain, roads and shrubs, you can play a good contrast and reconcile effect.

First, artificial turf and terrain:

When the artificial turf pavement and terrain used in conjunction with the terrain and artificial turf will be integrated, artificial turf can be terrain beauty contrast, more often used in small garden, courtyard, park, community and scenic areas, Especially after a miniature transformation, to promote the small changes in the terrain, the surface will be more neat, you can better artificial display of the lawn, but if the terrain is relatively large, and open and flat man-made Lawn with the match, you can better reflect the complex terrain.

Second, artificial turf and architecture:

Building in the whole design, whether it is utilization or location are very important, because the lawn is relatively low, with the corresponding open, you can use the contrast of the building design features will be reflected, combined with the plasticity of artificial turf , Will be built on the blunt lines on the softening of the entire landscape design for a richer artistic composition, if you want to create a healthy body in the health of the more favorable landscape environment, the surrounding environment and architecture must be coordinated with each other, due to Artificial turf is flat, so the effect is more obvious, often used in the adjustment of the building and the environment.

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