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Artificial turf market development

- Aug 22, 2017 -

In many parts of the world, it is necessary to increase the objective reality of the ceiling and other equipment due to the influence of elements such as different geographical locations, natural conditions of extreme and their respective economic conditions, The laying and protection of the lawn becomes difficult to compare. And in such a specific condition, the artificial synthetic grass show a great advantage.

 With the development of the market, artificial turf in materials, technology, construction and other aspects have undergone great changes, these changes are intended to let the artificial turf in the movement function closer to the natural grass, probably divided into the following period:


A period: the main nylon material, the shape of the carpet, poor flexibility, no protection for athletes, vulnerable;


The second period: pp material-based, and filled with quartz sand particles, hardness,


The third period: to pe-based materials, filled with quartz sand, filled with rubber particles, with natural grass elasticity, greatly improved motor function;


The fourth period: the FIFA certification as a norm, pay attention to the foundation, construction and other systems engineering construction, this period in addition to mesh products, but also presents a straight mix and other goods, information pe and pp mixed, pe mixed with nylon, Motor function to further strengthen;


The fifth period: to monochrome grass-based, in addition to seeking motor function, but also to seek a more desirable appearance, together more attention to the construction of the system. ,


The current market is being carried out from the fourth to the fifth.

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