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China's synthetic artificial lawn Synthetic artificial grass turf

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Artificial turf market capacity is very big, the total demand in one  thousands of square level,

More imported pure artificial turf , but domestic artificial turf for landscaping   and sport ,artificial grass putting green  production enterprises began to appear;

For artificial grass  putting green for golf is popular now.

The market capacity of artificial turf has reached millions, and the number of domestic artificial  putting green turf enterprises has gradually increased. The import of grass fiber from foreign countries has been weaving, Such as Artificial grass putting green, synthetic putting green,landscaping artificial grass, ,replacing and ending the era of pure imported lawn. At the same time, the domestic man-made grass fiber enterprises are gradually developed; at this stage, China's grass fiber and lawn enterprises began to explore the global market, and gradually enter the European and American, Middle East and other markets;

The capacity of artificial turf market reaches 10 million. Domestic landscaping artificial grass lawn enterprises have the ability to produce grass fiber, and have entered the stage of independent research and development. Synthetic putting green Grass fiber and turf production technology has reached the world level, several domestic enterprises have won the FIFA venue certification, making domestic end-users get the greatest benefits, you can buy in the domestic market to the international quality level of products. In the future, China's grass fiber and lawn upstream and downstream processes will be fully integrated in the strong enterprises, that is, competitive enterprises will have the ability to produce different styles of landscaping artificial grass turf fiber and lawn (post fiber blanket integration enterprise).

China's synthetic artificial lawn fiber blanket integration enterprises in the third phase of rapid growth and development, of which the largest one in 2009 ranking the world's top three. The number of man-made lawn exports made in China has exceeded the domestic market in 2009. Today, there are still some owners wondering how to choose high standard, reliable quality lawn products, in fact, to obtain FIFA site certification enterprise is the highest guarantee for product quality

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