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Determinants of Height of Artificial turf

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Since the introduction of the artificial lawn has been carried out since its inception, the test confirms that the proper coloring process of the artificial lawn is critical if it is to make it difficult to distinguish from the natural lawn. In other words, artificial turf combination of pigment determines the grass silk simulation.


The actual production time, the general use of iron oxide pigments and phthalocyanine organic pigments can be a good combination of this pigment cost-effective, light resistance and strong weather resistance in the lawn throughout the use of color intensity will not be the slightest Down; more importantly, it can also match the natural colors of the lawn well.

Under normal circumstances, the artificial turf of PP fiber grass leaves only need one percent to four percent of the mass fraction of the pigment, you can produce rich green. The whole process is very easy to achieve, the manufacturing process by micronization, easy to be dispersed in the matrix products in the ultra-fine powder form. As the pigment particles surface wrapped with a special protective layer, so to maintain good thermal stability and high temperature performance.


Artificial turf is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymers as a raw material made of a non-living material, can not carry out the activities of green plants metabolism, it does not have the role of regulating the balance of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere. Although the artificial turf can block the dust to a certain extent, but do not have the ability to absorb toxic gases to purify the atmosphere.

And artificial turf it is not the same as the natural lawn need to consume the necessary fertilizer, water and other resources to meet the 24 hours a day high-intensity sports needs, and conservation is simple, rapid drainage, excellent flatness, landscaping and sports venues The ideal material.

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