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The advantages of the artificial turf are used in the goal field

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The advantages of artificial turf

Artificial turf door fair breathable, not afraid of cracking, no blistering layer of the worries, both simple and economical.

Artificial turf door golf course protection is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove the dirt, and has not faded, no deformation characteristics

Artificial turf door golf course use high, that is, shock absorption, with no noise, safe non-toxic, flexible, good flame retardant properties.

Artificial turf door to participate in the movement of athletes feel comfortable, reduce fatigue, to add to the fun.

Greatly reducing the doorball and artificial turf between the conflict, so that the ball speed and direction more stable.

Artificial turf door all the layout of the beautiful, high utilization rate, up to 3 years of life, and easy to use, can be used all the weather.

Artificial turf door golf course raw materials environmental protection, short duration, quality inspection.

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