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The necessity of controlling the height of artificial turf grass silk

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Although it is proved that there is no significant relationship between the density, quality and height of the artificial turf, they will determine the grade and price of the artificial turf. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of artificial turf, the higher the price, the corresponding need to use the material will be more, its comfort and aesthetics will be better.


At the same time, the lower the height of the artificial turf is the shorter the case of grass, the aesthetics and comfort will decline. But not to say that the higher the height of artificial turf will be better, it depends on what kind of grass wire, such as the vertical silk wire in the height of the high, then prone to lodging phenomenon.


After years of experience, it is concluded that the height of the artificial turf is more appropriate at 2 cm, and in this case both the straightness and the economy are good, too high or too low artificial turf will be detrimental to To carry out the movement.


Artificial turf belongs to all seasons, and whether it is performance or appearance, always consistent. In a very straight and beautiful is also good, and better enhance the grade of artificial turf, aesthetics and comfort and so on. So that as long as not too much to enhance its height and increase the simulation of turf, artificial turf has a very good effect.


And the artificial turf also added a UV stabilizer, it can be done to effectively prevent the damage caused by UV fiber on the grass to ensure that the performance of the movement and color bright and bright, and extend its service life.


This is why most of the venues will choose to use artificial turf, but also a high degree of artificial turf is not too high, which will bring a better experience.

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