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The role of quartz sand in artificial turf

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Quartz sand in the artificial turf effect, people have seen artificial lawn, but you understand the artificial lawn? Do you know the effect of quartz sand on artificial turf species?

In the artificial turf laying quartz sand, the quartz sand hidden in the roots of grass silk, play the effect of maintaining grass silk. And then evenly spread the rubber particles on the quartz sand. The thickness of the quartz sand and the rubber particles depends on the height of the lawn, and the rubber particles are required to be about 10 mm below the grass. Artificial turf quartz sand to mellow, the ability to maintain a large degree of grass silk, and now some companies use some gravel and even yellow sand, and gravel are sharp corners, sand with a lot of mud, no doubt on the grass Is very damaging.

Quartz sand is a special product for the planning and production of lawns, with high hardness, seriousness, uniform size, small edge, natural color and other characteristics of the artificial turf damage is small, constitute the effect of maintaining grass, so that the lawn more use. Now, the quartz sand has been a number of domestic institutions of sports venues of the application, is the modern track and field, football, golf and other artificial sites supporting the use of ambitious information.

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