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What are the artificial grass production materials?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

In many modern sports venues, the use of artificial turf is very extensive, in many schools in the football field is very popular, the vast majority of football stadium in the artificial lawn is also more common materials, artificial lawn manufacturing materials and selection of man-made Lawn manufacturing materials are usually two kinds: polypropylene (Polypropylene, referred to as PP) and polyethylene (Polyethylene, referred to as PE).

PP material of artificial turf solid, small buffer force, usually applies to the impact of smaller sports such as tennis and so on. The PE material of artificial turf soft texture, excellent buffer function, the role of athletes damage, for the impact of larger sports such as football, football and so on. Can also be two kinds of materials mixed manufacturing artificial turf, so able to sum up the strengths of the two, satisfied with the needs of special competition. For some high-intensity sports competitions, in order to improve the quality of the competition and try to reduce the athlete's injury.

In the selection of artificial turf, usually to choose a relatively high height of the fiber material, usually 25 ~ 50mm, and to select PE artificial turf or PE / PP mixed artificial lawn. To create artificial turf sports ground, in the selection of artificial turf height, usually to think about the overall accounting of the stadium, a relatively high degree of artificial turf, its creation and maintenance costs are relatively high.

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