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What kind of artificial grass?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Artificial turf is basically divided into long hair, hair and short hair three categories, and then broken down into straight hair, curly hair and curly three small class.

1, long hair grass: grass length of 32 to 50 mm or more.

Usually used in football games, practice and horse racing places, straw density from 150 to 180 needles are selected.

2, in the grass: grass length from 19 to 32 mm.

As a tennis court, hockey and turf bowls in the world of venues. For the usual practice, football, volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts and other places, and even as a track runway. Grass density from 180 to 220 needles are selected.

3, short-haired grass: grass length from 6 to 12 mm.

Suitable for basketball courts, tennis courts around the pool or beautify the environment.

1, straight hair grass: widely used and music for people, offer low.

In the tennis courts, basketball courts, football stadiums and other athletes fall off the scratches when the sports environment is not too much for the application.

2, Curcuma grass: because the grass was tortuous shape, folded each other, the athletes in the grass on the relatively small abrasions, and more used in football places.

3, curly grass: grass for the circle type, folded more closely, especially for the grass ball or ball in the turf on the roll will not be due to the laying of the direction of the pear, affecting the ball to move the road and other requests Higher movement.

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