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What kind of artificial lawn is more suitable for use in kindergarten

- Aug 22, 2017 -

In recent years, many kindergarten venues in the decoration, has not only a simple choice of foam location and painting, and more is to choose a special artificial lawn.

So, what kind of artificial turf will be more suitable for use in kindergarten? Does the lawn really have the environmental function? How to maintain it after laying the artificial turf? If we are still troubled by such problems, then the following Xiaobian together to understand the next bar!

Under normal circumstances, kindergartens in the use of artificial turf in the height of the grass, it is recommended to use a high height of 3cm, this high degree of artificial turf in the flexibility is better, if the children play directly on the above, even if the fall of things , Then there will be no fall pain situation, and 3cm of the lawn more beautiful, you can also lay in the surrounding color lawn, colorful lawn color, make the whole kindergarten more full of vitality.

And on the issue of environmental protection, the current domestic production of many artificial turf manufacturers, have been such problems were resolved, so the lawn is basically no smell, so completely environmentally friendly products.

In the maintenance of more simple, normal rain can be lawn cleaning, if the artificial turf surface there are more garbage, you can directly pick it up, and use the car wash to clean it up.

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