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Artificial Grass To Achieve Great Success Reasons

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Artificial Grass to achieve great success reasons
Why Artificial Grass so achieved great success? Mainly due to Artificial Grass overcome several primary difficulties of natural grass: First, in the extreme climatic conditions can not grow; Second, some countries and regions due to economic reasons can not pay high maintenance costs; Third, in some covered Gymnasium can not be cultivated.
In addition, there are other benefits of artificial turf: artificial turf economic costs low, the useful life of about 8-12 years, while the natural grass is only 2 to 4 years; Artificial Grass with high strength, can be used around the clock , Not the use of frequency constraints, and natural grass in the rain and snow weather can only be delayed use, together with it is not suitable for excessive non-competition activities, because it will damage the lawn; artificial turf practicality , Maintenance is simple, after several generations of updates, artificial turfgrass now comparable with the natural grass.
Artificial Grass these benefits make Artificial Grass has a broad space for development, there is the trend to replace the natural grass!
In recent years, with the development of sports and leisure activities, everything from school stadiums, kindergartens to community leisure establishments has started to process a product that is Artificial Grass. However, in the absence of a unified industry standard, artificial turf is lacking in the necessary understanding of artificial turf in the current market and it is more and more necessary to correctly understand artificial turf.
Especially on the Artificial Grass construction standards, which is the normal use of Artificial Grass, the basic premise of the standard * first involves the specifications of Artificial Grass, the current Artificial Grass and grass can reach 60mm, this material is mainly used for professional football field. The length of grass silk in principle, the longer the better, but generally used for football grass sliver length of about 30mm or so.
Followed by the relevant standards on the appearance of Artificial Grass, including the color, appearance, softness and other three aspects, the color should be maintained in nature, the appearance should feel good, the flexibility of Artificial Grass has always been, such Artificial Grass can be put into use.
The main material of Artificial Grass and grass silk fiber filament, the main component is polyethylene or polypropylene, the former softer than the latter, grass wire difficult to stand up, the ball's rebound ability is low. There are two evaluation criteria for the standard fiber yarn, namely, the number of twists and the fiber diameter. The more the number of twists, the finer the grass wire is and the better the quality. The larger the fiber diameter is, the more wear resistance is.
In addition, the Artificial Grass fiber quality is one of the factors to measure its quality, can not be ignored or the density of grass. Artificial Grass football pitch is generally 130200 cluster heads, the better the number of cluster heads; and its grass line spacing is generally 510mm, but also the more dense the better.
Although the Artificial Grass market has developed rapidly, but there is no guarantee that there will be no bad products in the market. We really need the high quality and eco-friendly Artificial Grass so as to bring life to life. In fact, want to accurately distinguish between environmentally friendly Artificial Grass and non-green Artificial Grass is not difficult.
The grass can be judged from the grass on the environmental protection of Artificial Grass, green grass Artificial Grass is usually made of high quality olefin polymer as raw material, and add a heavy metal-free high temperature masterbatch, processing aids. Due to the fact that several kinds of raw materials are single, the quality can be well controlled, and the lawn will not cause irritation to the skin during use and will not cause harm to the environment.
The grass is not artificial green grass, mostly because of unknown or unqualified detection of the use of recycled materials, as the source of the recovered materials are generally more complex, contains many different additives, these additives after multiple processing is easy to use Reacts or lysis, resulting in harm to the human body and the environment.

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