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Artificial Turf Should Meet The Basic Standards

- Aug 22, 2017 -

From the perspective of post-maintenance, artificial turf is much better than natural lawns, at least it does not require a variety of late protection, so maintenance costs can save a lot. The basic practice is to comply with the relevant norms.

As a qualified artificial turf, at least to ensure that it does not contain heavy metals, the heavy metals referred to here mainly include cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, barium, selenium, arsenic, antimony eight soluble metal dissolution constraints, to ensure that goods through Professional organization inspection.

Second, to ensure the deployment of artificial turf, reasonable planning, supply security, requiring its cushion to play a good suction performance, which can reduce the damage caused by falling from the height, to ensure that people do not play in the danger Sex.

At the same time, to ensure that the laying of artificial turf to play the effect of mildew, to prevent children in the lawn when playing the probability of infection, to the children to provide a comfortable area for activities, and have a higher level of resistance, can reduce children's entertainment The incidence of fire in the district.

It also involves the quality of the grass in the artificial turf, requiring the pull-off force to get the relevant standard, and the single-row pull-out force must be twice the specification to prevent the child from eating the condition of the grass, excluding any possible The risk factor.

Of course, there are many rules for artificial turf, these rules not only for artificial turf manufacturers to develop, for consumers, but also need to strictly abide by in order to better use of artificial turf.

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