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Environmental Sports Artificial Grass Grass Yarn, The End Of Cloth And Adhesive Requirements

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Environmental Sports Artificial Grass grass yarn, the end of cloth and adhesive requirements
Although the Sports Artificial Grass market is growing rapidly, there is no guarantee that there will be no bad products in the market. We really need the high quality, eco-friendly Artificial Grass, which will help ensure our daily life. In fact, you want to accurately distinguish between environmental protection Sports Artificial Grass and non-environmental Sports Artificial Grass is not difficult.
The first to judge from the grass on the Artificial Grass's environmental protection, environmental protection Sports Artificial Grass's grass is usually made of high-quality olefin polymer as raw materials, and add a heavy metal-free high temperature masterbatch, processing aids Wait. Due to the fact that several kinds of raw materials are single, the quality can be well controlled, and the lawn will not cause irritation to the skin during use and will not cause harm to the environment.
The non-environmentally friendly Sports Artificial Grass's grass silk mostly because of unknown or unqualified detection of the use of recycled materials, as the source of the recovered materials are generally more complex, contains a variety of different additives, these additives after many processing is very Easily react or crack, resulting in harm to the human body and the environment.
Second, the bottom of the Sports Artificial Grass is also the basis for judging the environmental protection or not, at present, the larger Sports Artificial Grass fabric backing manufacturers are not many, they have the relevant qualification certificate, quality, environmental protection is more reliable, basically no environmental protection The problem, made of course, is Environmental Sports Artificial Grass. Some informal manufacturers of materials can not be guaranteed.
There are three main types of gum that are commonly used in Sports Artificial Grass: Styrene Butadiene Styrene, Polyurethane, Styrene-Butadiene Latex, and Polyurethane. How to choose the adhesive will also determine the environmental benefits of Sports Artificial Grass. Under normal circumstances, as long as the polyurethane is the use of norms, the latter will not produce environmentally-friendly substances, can be used in the production of environmentally friendly Sports Artificial Grass.
But styrene-butadiene latex made of butadiene, styrene polymerization, environmentally friendly styrene-butadiene latex not only qualified, and the reaction process in the precision control of the reactor, so that it * standard, is ideal for environmental protection Sports Artificial Grass The choice.
After an in-depth understanding to know, Sports Artificial Grass and natural lawn bigger difference should be in its performance, such as friction. Tests have shown that the friction produced by Sports Artificial Grass and natural lawns is different for an object.
Take football field as an example, the grass fiber of natural lawn soccer field has little friction to football, thus determining the speed that the soccer ball rolls on the natural lawn and the rolling distance is far. However, Sports Artificial Grass football field is different, it uses a chemical fiber grass, so a larger friction on football, will make the football slower rolling, rolling relatively close.
Moreover, due to the greater friction of the Sports Artificial Grass soccer field, it will force athletes to consume more energy at the same time and with the same intensity, premature fatigue and severely affect athletes' tactics. In this regard, it is important to remind you that athletes often trained in the Sports Artificial Grass football pitch try to play in the Sports Artificial Grass soccer field, otherwise the football skills and tactics will be affected.
Is that chemical fiber grass gives Sports Artificial Grass greater friction, of course, quartz sand or rubber which of course plays a reasonable role, Sports Artificial Grass quartz sand or rubber particles filling depth according to the purpose and the selected lawn beam height And set.
For high impact sports, choose Sports Artificial Grass with longer leaf bundle and fill with deeper filler. For the common sports field Artificial Grass, the suitable filling depth is 5mm away from the tip. Requires flatness, good uniformity of movement, leaf bundle may be appropriate to reduce the filling depth of the filler can be increased, or even with the lawn surface flat.

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