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Factors Affecting The Price Of Artificial Turf

- Oct 18, 2017 -

The conventional factors of grass, whether imported grass shape, yarn material, needle, gum. Grass silk is imported grass, there is no doubt that the price must be high, imported grass prices are generally 150 yuan.

Grass shape is another factor affecting the price of the grass shape are generally Pingsi, W shape, U shape, V shape, single stem and diamond. The Pingsi production process is simple, the highest penetration rate is the lowest price. The shape of the yarn price will rise Bipingsi point, some are high.

Walking needle is an unpopular parameter of artificial turf, and the mainstream needle is one font, which is the most widely used. There is another way to go needle is Z font, specific test after the two kinds of needle form and not too big performance difference, if there is difference, only the back of the aesthetic angle.

The final factor is the gum problem, the North American market to use more is PU glue, other markets are dominated by the latex. In comparison, the price of lawn using PU glue is higher. But in performance, PU glue and latex is not too big difference, personal preference problem.

Factors of high price of single square meter artificial turf

Artificial turf is determined in the case of other conditions, the price is still high, so is the MOQ is a very important factor.

MOQ standard is the impact of high prices is an important factor, each factory produces a certain minimum standard, no standard is often thrown in stock. The general artificial turf factory MOQ of 1000 square meters, the price is moderate. If the price is too high, often the number of square meters is too small, the production cost is relatively high, you can choose to have inventory of manufacturers, the price is more leeway.

Another point is about whether cutting, many field map has been done, manufacturers need to cut the lawn is installed directly to the customer, after cutting tail manufacturers can no longer use, so cutting the lawn is also need to charge a fee.

Of course, many people calculate the price of artificial turf instead of the original price, but the overall calculation. These include freight, glue, filling particles, packaging, and even some people taking into account the installation costs, and finally allocated to the per square meter of artificial turf, and finally led to higher prices of artificial turf.

Generally speaking, domestic man-made lawn is generally between 30 yuan and 100 yuan, foreign artificial lawn takes into account import tariffs and production costs, often ranging from 200 yuan to 500 yuan. But in terms of the price of artificial turf, the price of each lawn of different models and parameters is somewhat different from each other. But no reliable manufacturers often hung out inventory under the guise of low-cost sales of inferior products, the sale of inferior to 20 yuan and the artificial turf at the lower price, the use of artificial turf in less than a year on the emergence of this or that problem, seriously disrupted the market order and market reputation, resulting in some of the big manufacturers continue to reduce the price to sell products with low price, low profit seriously affected the market innovation, new products can not be put into production, cheap, low-quality consumer information filled in the world.

But with the market regulation, new manufacturers, new product R & D production, artificial turf and start to the normal track, here want consumers to polish his eyes, look for the high quality and high quality manufacturers, to buy Artificial turf.

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