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How To Choose An Artificial Turf

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Now many customers to buy things concerned about the quality of doubt, of course, apply to the artificial turf this piece, especially when we want to create a qualified artificial turf sports ground, but also should consider the quality of artificial turf, then identify the inexpensive artificial turf It has become the key to the success of the construction of qualified sports ground.

Now we see the artificial turf mall cohabitation, on how to identify the excellent artificial turf, the customer is usually unable to distinguish.

One: is not the use of qualified artificial turf fiber material and additives

Artificial turf fiber are generally all the new high-purity PP, PE as a material, all the materials are disposable fibers, after use to ensure the physical stability of the fiber, straw fiber fiber number 6600DTEX to 11000DTEX, in the synthetic fiber Increase the appropriate anti-UV, anti-oxidation, anti-static, lodging and other additives, making artificial turf grass silk fiber to maintain a certain period of use, and to ensure that during the use of artificial turf will not show aging, wear, fade and so on.

Two: is not the choice of composite elastic structure

Excellent artificial turf is a composite elastic structure (non-woven + mesh cloth), the thickness of about 1.5mm ~ 2mm, through the weaving, trimmed with latex, glue on the use of high-temperature curing technology, making the bottom of the more Robust and more robust, and then more flexible.

Three: commodity fiber feel is not flexible, the color is not soft

Artificial turf grass silk fiber feel the performance of lubrication and flexibility (also according to customer requests, customized matte grass, closer to natural color), color uniform and soft, open net are called, tear when the split evenly, , With flexibility, uniform coating and shiny.

Four: the appearance of goods color, mesh wire is not uniform

Good quality artificial turf goods fiber appearance color uniform, thick and texture; compared to the quality of the artificial turf grass silk color appearance is uneven, thin and translucent; feel dry and more hand, open network uneven and burr more, Back layer soft and thin, no sense of support. Its raw materials, simple technology, and a short number of additives, so that its quality is difficult to guarantee, easy to weather and athletes have certain damage.

Artificial turf grass silk material mostly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) based. Grass silk to the imitation of natural grass green, and need to add UV absorber.

On the identification of artificial turf quality is good or bad, this is a benevolent see benevolence, the wise see the wisdom of the question, and nothing to cut the answer, but if you want to create excellent or qualified standard artificial turf football field, you need to investigate from various aspects, Conditional good to field survey, the real contact with the manufacturers, see the factory production process and operational details.

If you do not have the conditions of field exploration, then look good at the company's samples, select more than a few, in the attention of the price together more attention should be paid attention to the quality of the artificial turf, listen more to learn more about artificial turf, Can only practice a pair of fire eye Jinqing.

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