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How To Renovate Artificial Turf

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Artificial turf innovation Note In recent years, a large number of old artificial turf place after the arrival of the years after the replacement, innovation; As the saying goes to repair more difficult than the new site, then in a local innovation process will encounter any questions and attention Matters? I contacted a recent project to respond in detail.

1, the new means to remove the old, replace the new one. Then that is removed, this is the key link. Removal process is mainly to pay attention to is not to damage the original foundation, the foundation is usually cement, asphalt, or perhaps other gray soil cushion, the installation process are through the adhesive to the ground or adhesive tape, The top of the fabric, the removal process with the tools to eradicate the lawn and the combination of the line on the line, do not damage the foundation of the potholes.

2, pay attention to handling the old turf, quartz sand, rubber particles, the old materials can not be used, after many years of use of these old materials have long lost its inherent function, which is mixed with many dust Waste dirty things.

3, the removal of these waste materials are tons of units, so in the bidding process to be fully considered, many rookie to see the place when looking at the lawn of the place have been close to the bald, that the demand for handling clean The waste will be less, in fact not the case. Because in the new place to trim the filling when the particles, quartz sand is basically the same, to a standard football field, for example, it is filled with quartz sand about 200 tons, which is a very large garbage cleanup operation, so Do the accounting time to fully consider.

4, pave the new artificial turf before, be sure to clean up the clean space, conditional water rinse again, clean up the clean ground above the dust, and then began to pavement.

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