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The Quality Of Artificial Turf Gum Is Closely Related To The Price

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The quality of artificial turf gum is closely related to the price

In the study of artificial turf components, it is also necessary to mention the artificial turf gum, in addition to its components, one of the price, the price of the entire artificial turf is one of the important factors, but also affect the man-made Lawn use performance.


Market research confirmed that compared with the ordinary artificial turf Beijiao, the import of high quality artificial turf gum and its price gap in more than eight thousand yuan per ton. The quality of the artificial turf is affected by the straw and the gum, although it is pressed at the bottom, but because of the large artificial turf area, the application of a long time, high frequency, so once the use of inferior adhesive, over time there will be a variety of There was a problem.


A high quality artificial turf bead is usually in line with the industry's relatively high standards, tough and durable, can be applied to a variety of conditions under the artificial turf pavement; and good water resistance, water can also maintain good reliability, Will fall off.


Ordinary artificial turf gum certainly does not have such an advantage, after the water will affect the service life of the lawn; there are still some such errors, that the more harder the better glue, but in fact the hard adhesive in the application process More easily fall or destroyed.


In other words, if the quality of artificial turf gum has a way to protect the case, the environmental performance of artificial turf is also not up to standard, so that the product will be very dangerous. The market price of glue on the market in the hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, the corresponding quality difference between the glue product is also obvious.


High-quality artificial turf glue costs can not be too low, its sales price naturally will not be too low, so the price is not an important basis for our choice of products, good quality, environmental protection factor, cost is high is a good choice.

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