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The Use Of Artificial Turf

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Artificial turf more and more widely used in our lives, the advantages of artificial turf more and more prominent, after all, where the appropriate laying artificial turf it? The

Artificial turf use can be divided into three categories, sports field, football field, kindergarten.

A sports grass

Sports series lawn can be used in football, basketball, tennis, badminton, hockey, cricket, gate, field, golf and so on.

Second, the leisure grass

Leisure lawn wide use, suitable for interior decoration, yard scene and scene roof landscaping, lawn color bright green natural, grass silk fine, is a good substitute for natural lawn, is increasing is widely used in hotel hotel beautification decoration, roof floor Top channel landscaping, indoor shops, office buildings, workplace decoration.

Third, kindergarten lawn

Kindergarten dedicated artificial turf is the movement and leisure grass contact to the common design, the use of less cost, conservation and convenience, environmental security, beautiful appearance, natural adaptability and other advantages, all cover and replace the traditional plastic and pvc pavement data. Compared to the general artificial turf, it has a stronger targeted and very good adaptability to kindergarten, green grass and then with the beautiful rainbow runway and a common picture design, comfortable, full of traditional plastic and pvc pavement information Irreplaceable

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