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What Does The Turf Consist Of

- Jan 31, 2018 -

1. What does the turf consist of?


Artificial yarn is tufted through a secondary backing material typically made from woven polypropylene and additional backing layers can be added to absorb latex and provide improved dimensional stability. This is coated with either latex or polyurethane to ensure tuft lock and add to the stability of the carpet.


2. How does the turf drain?


Most carpets will have drainage holes added to allow free draining through the surface(fake grass company


3. What is the variation in tufting density?


Carpet is generally tufted between 5mm and 70mm pile height depending on application. The tufting gauge can vary between 1/8 gauge (for low cost decorative carpets) up to 3/4 gauges for long pile surfaces(artificial grass cost per square foot).


4. Are carpets always tufted in straight lines?


Most carpets are tufted in straight lines but specialized machines allow zigzag or Lazy-S tufting styles, which create a denser appearance.


5. Apart from tufting, are there other methods of manufacturing synthetic turf(synthetic artificial grass)?


Yes, weaving and knitting artificial yarns onto a fabric is also possible.


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