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What Should You Pay Attention To When Using Artificial Turf?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Artificial grass can be used in sports venues such as runways, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey courts, gate courses, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and softball courts. But also can be used in the square, venue and primary and secondary schools, kindergarten integrated activities. As well as roads, railways, community landscaping, roof, yard green decoration. Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports field), PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure occasions), PP (polypropylene, mainly curled wire, for leisure occasions). Environmental protection natural, pollution-free pollution.


1, to stop wearing 5mm long or more than 5mm spike on the artificial turf strenuous exercise (including high heels).

2, to stop any motor vehicle on the artificial turf on the road.

3, to stop the weight of long-term pressure on the artificial turf.

4, to stop the shot, javelin, discus or other high-drop sports on the artificial lawn.

5, to stop all kinds of oil pollution artificial turf.

6, the case of snow days to stop immediately trampled, the need to sweep the appearance of snow and then use.

7, to stop throwing gum and all debris on the lawn.

8, to stop all the fireworks.

9, to prevent the use of corrosive above the lawn of the solvent.

10, stop with sugar-containing drinks approach.

11, to stop destructive tearing artificial turf fiber.

12, to stop the weapon damage to the artificial turf base

13, sporty turf to adhere to fill the quartz sand flat, to ensure that the ball's orbit or bounce track.

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